ianuarie 17, 2011

Blue Flower
Mihai Eminescu

„Why, again didst thou depart
For the stars, with them to feast?
Thou wouldst not forget at least
Me, for thou my life’s soul art.

„Sunny rivers dost thou park
Vainly in thy thought concealed,
The Assyrian rich field,
The sea plunged into the dark.

„The old pyramids address
Their tops up to the God they see…
Do not search so far from me
O, my dear, thy happiness!”

Thus her words the sweetheart sped,
Stroking with her hand my hair.
Ah! her words were true and fair;
I just laughed and nothing said.

„Come, those woodlands are our bliss,
Springs there in the valleys weep,
Rocks like falling as they weep,
Down into the great abyss.

„There in some fresh smiling glade
Near the placid reed we”ll halt
And sit under the bright vault
Where the blackberry leaves jade.

„Thy tales will increase our glee
Thy mouth*s lies will flow in piles;
On white petaled chamomile
I’ll try whether thou lov’st me.

„After to the sun I’ve sung
Redden by its rays, I’ll care
To undo my golden hair
And with is thy mouth I’d bung.

„Kisses thou ‘dst give me, some pairs –
Who in the world would know that?
It would be under my hat –
And then after all who cares?

„When through boughs the moon would beck
In her summer nightly ride
Thou wouldst hold me by the side,
I would hold thee by the neck.

„Back, under the vaults of leaves,
To the village ‘cross the vale,
Sweet by thy kiss – wouldst thou fail?
Like hidden bloom that grieves.

„And arried at the door-still
In the dark we shall converse.
Our care no one shall rehearse:
When but my heart thy thoughts fill.”

One more kiss – she went away…
Stunned I stood in the moon’s shine.
How unwise art thou, my fine,
Sweet blue flower, graceful fay?


Thou hast gone, O marvel sweet,
And our wondrous love is through,
O blue flower, flower blue!…
In this world all’s dark and cheat!

In a translation of Dimitrie Cuclin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimitrie_Cuclin)
Source: Mihai Eminescu, „Longing” – love poems, Albatros Publishing, 1976


ianuarie 7, 2011

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